Get A Credit Response In 24 Hour, It Is Possible?

Do you want to get an answer to your credit application in less than 24 hours? It’s possible at Jean Des Esseintes, but under certain conditions …

Do you need an answer in less than 24 hours? In order for your loan application to be accepted more quickly, you must enter a quality file. Indeed, at Jean Des Esseintes, like any financial institution, we grant credits provided that you can prove your ability to pay your monthly payments. fleshes this out

What are these conditions to see his credit request granted?

What are these conditions to see his credit request granted?

The first and simplest condition is that you must reside in Belgium and provide a document certifying your home address.

Then you must have stable income. If you are an employee, you must be able to certify a stable job thanks to a payslip for example. If you are self-employed or self-employed, you must prove that you are receiving regular income.

Then you can not be stuck at the bank of Belgium. If you are banned, the credit will certainly be refused. Be careful also if you have trends in overindebtedness. Whether you have outstanding debts, or have a financial history filled with debt, the loan will certainly not be granted either.

Anyway, at Jean Des Esseintes, apply online and receive a quick response to your credit application.


Need a quick answer for your credit application? Discover how to obtain a credit reply without proof in 24h at Jean Des Esseintes!

You have to deal with an unexpected? An expense that you did not plan? A home appliance that breaks down, unexpected medical expenses, an accident … Life sometimes surprises us and they are unfortunately not always good …

To overcome these unexpected events, it is sometimes necessary to use a credit company to lend you money. However, accepting a credit application can take a long time. So how do you get a principled answer in less than 24 hours?

The best solution if you need money is to take out a consumer credit. It is indeed an unallocated loan and therefore does not require supporting documents or prior investigations.

At Jean Des Esseintes, we are committed to providing you with a very fast response, whether positive or negative. So that we can give you an answer quickly, you have to play transparency and give us all the information directly. If your file is introduced at one time and is complete, it will be analyzed more easily and quickly. To give you an answer, we must actually check your current financial income and your ability to repay the monthly payments.